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Month 2: New Approach

So after a celebration filled month, sticking to a strict eating and drinking plan went out the window. Far too many birthday celebrations and catch ups meant that I was consuming far too much alcohol to make decent progress, as well as eating out on a very consistant basis. As such, progress for the month was nowhere near as good as it should have been, although I did manage to get to the gym lots, so atleast my body is being conditioned to regular training.

I have decided to adopt a new strategy for the next 5 weeks. I will be trying to stick to a strict leangains protocal as closely as possible. This means measuring macros (I know I said I wouldn’t do this in my first post). Since it is a short term process (5 weeks “recomposition”, 5 weeks “cut”), I feel it isn’t too much to ask to do the job properly.

Figuring out my numbers for the recomp (airing on the side of caution), I should be consuming the following:

Workout Days:

Carbs: 293
Fat: 130
Protein: 165
Calories: 3000

Rest Day:

Carbs: 167
Fat: 75
Protein: 165
Calories: 2000

My first thoughts are how had it will be to consistently consume 3000 calories in an 8 hour window. Eating so much (and so many calories) feels wrong, but I can’t argue with the science, so I will try my hardest to increase my calories on workout days, and bring my totals back down to normal levels on rest days. As long as I don’t go above my maintanence calorie allocation (17,500) per week, it can’t go too wrong, can it?

I have also started taking creatine (10g per day), which usually causes me to gain a few pounds in water weight. As such, my progress photos will probably look quite crappy until I start the 2nd 5 weeks (cutting). My 10 week goal is due to an upcoming holiday. I will stop the creatine course 2 weeks before the holiday (to give my body a chance to drop the water weight).

I will now be taking progress photos on a monthly basis, as seeing progress week to week is difficult, and can be somewhat disheartening.

I will be keeping a macro database which I will be continually expanding. I keep it in a simple Google Drive spreadsheet, and it allows me to quickly calculate my macronutrient intake. If there is a food that isn’t on the database, I add it, and then I can reference it if I ever eat the food again (very likely).

So, the important bit; progress so far:

fasting diet one month

Please note: I am no longer weighing myself or taking measurements. Progress is now based on aesthetics (and how much strength I gain in the gym!).

So, onwards and upwards. 5 weeks of leangains recomposition, and then 5 weeks of leangains weight loss. Lets hope I don’t get fat.

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